Doris Michaels cosmetics make-up range

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Doris Michaels make-up range has been developed specifically to match ethnic skin. Finding the right shade of a foundation for your skin type is the first step to applying makeup. It is highly essential to match the right colour for your skin tone in other to avoid looking dull or washed, this is why Doris Michaels cosmetics is one of the leading make-up company in ethnic market offering free make-over and colour matching on a weekly basis.

Doris Michaels have developed cohesive teams of highly trained professional make-up artists across the UK offering advice and make up application to get the best make-up for your skin type, texture and colour, ultimately giving you the best finish with their products.

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Three Simple Steps to Luscious Eyelashes

admin June 19th, 2012

Here is a step by step guide tailor made by Doris Michael’s team of highly trained professional make-up artists;

Following this easy guide will ensure you get a full effect out of the Doris Michaels Mascara product correctly and long lasting, beautiful eye lashes:


Make up guide

Step 1: Gently wiggle the wand left to right at the base of your lashes ensuring you place the mascara near the roots and not the tips (This gives you that beautiful illusion of length).

Step 2: Very gently pull the wand up and down through lashes, wiggling as you go, ensure you wiggle the wand as it is a key part in separating your lashes, making them really stand out.

Step 3: In the last step, close your eyes, place the mascara wand on top of your lashes at the base then pull up and through to finish off.


Different people use different types of makeup products. This is because we all have various preferences and different skin types; oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin. Some people use a liquid foundation as a base, others prefer to use a crème to powder, some may use a concealer and others a pressed powder. But whatever your preference may be, you will surely find a product suited for your skin type at Doris Michaels.

Doris Michaels Cosmetics consist of a wide range of beautifying products tailor made to match ethnic skin. This brilliant range consists of a long wearing, silky duo eye shadow for that beautiful two-color glow in your eyes. A long-lasting, enriching and condition liquid eye liner to get that sexy, dramatic look. A moisturizing and vitamin-enriched concealer for flawless, radiant skin. A youthful, natural and radiant crème to powder to get that gorgeous even skin tone. A wonderful sun-kissed and warm cheek bronzer for the lovely summer time. And it does not stop there, there is also deep lienhancing cheek blush for your special occasions, a thick and creamy liquid lipstick for irresistible lips. A moisturizing deep liquid eye liner to intensify your eyes, a flawless natural-looking pressed powder and an exquisitely fragranced, lightweight, portable case stick foundation.

These products are not only to beautify your skin, they have been scientifically produced to moisturize and condition your look and stay healthy and beautiful.

Eye Mascara

admin June 16th, 2012

To finish off your make-up and elaborate your eyelashes, use Doris Michaels Mascara, this mascara gives you the false lash look. It is guaranteed to lengthen, curl, and volumize your lashes without flaking, or the use of another mascara or product.

Eye Mascara

The best part about Doris Michael’s mascara is that with all this intensifying volume in the product, the price is very much affordable; your quality high end mascara comes at just £3.49. The special brush separates lashes for a smooth and even application and it includes the right vitamins and moisturizer enriched to condition and protects your lashes.

Liquid Foundation

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Liquid Foundation

Doris Michaels Liquid Foundation gives you that natural tint that is currently trending in the world of fashion today. This foundation was created specially for ethnic skin, and gives you a beautiful even make-up coverage for a totally natural and

youthful look. The liquid foundation is packed with vitamins A, C and E that act as antioxidants, protecting the skin from the harmful effects in the environment. Your skin stays hydrated and moisturized, feeling soft and looking great.

This product allows you to choose between a very sheer, natural look to a more complete coverage depending on the season and occasion. Best of all, the colour stays true without changing after application to your skin. The liquid foundation also contains SPF-8 which protects your skin against skin-darkening from sunburn. Gently fragranced, this product comes in a variety of shades. The secret to achieving long lasting flawless skin is in this product, available at just £8.99.

Moisturizng Lipsticks

admin June 14th, 2012

Moisturizing Lipsticks




Doris Michaels Moisturizing Lipstick gives your lips superior coverage in a creamy, smooth, long-wearing lip color formula. This product comes in a variety of 22 comprehensive colors, so whatever the occasion and whatever colour your outfit is, you are bound to find a color suited for you. This product will not just make your lips look irresistible, but it will also protect your lips as just like the other products, it is packed with the best natural ingredients to ensure your lips stay moisturized and enriched. The moisturizing ingredient in the formula is particularly effective, so your lips look luscious all day long, whatever the weather. Doris Michael’s Moisturizing Lipstick is available at just £3.49.

Summer look

admin June 14th, 2012

Luminous Lips Gloss


Nude and natural colors are in for summer 2012, allowing us to keep our makeup looking irresistible. We all love summer for the gorgeous weather, the holidays, the fashion etc, but it is a season where we can downgrade our beauty routine to the bare essentials and relax, allowing our natural beauty to shine.

To get Rihanna’s natural look use Doris Michael’s Liquid Foundation, it gives you that natural tint, then apply the Doris Michael’s Luminous Lip Gloss for that sensuous nude color. Lengthen, curl, and volumize your lashes using Doris Michael’s Mascara and after this do not be surprised when people ask you if you are even wearing make-up.

Liquid eyeliner is without a doubt an essential when it comes to cosmetics, it takes no time and little effort to apply and it gives you that sexy, dramatic look in your eyes. Depending on what the occasion is and your preference, you may go for a dramatic stroke, or you may prefer to use soft lines. Whatever look you want to achieve, Doris Michael’s new eye and lip pencil with vitamin E will accentuate your looks.





Luminous Natural Lip Gloss




To get Beyonce’s flawless look use Doris Michael’s Liquid Foundation, eye pencil, mascara and the Luminous Lip Gloss. The eye pencil gives high pigment coverage as it outlines, defines and shapes your eyes. It glides on easily, quickly and smoothly and gives a long-lasting flawless look.

Eye and Lip Pencils

admin June 6th, 2012

More exciting news from Doris Michaels, to complement the Luminous Lip Gloss, Doris Michaels have launched their new eye and lip pencil with vitamin E in a gorgeous blackberry color. Your lips can get the treatment and care it deserves as the vitamin E works on your lips stimulating your healthy skin. Vitamin E is also an antioxant that protects DNA from harmful components that cause inflammation called free radicals.

Luminous Lip Gloss

admin May 27th, 2012

Luminous Lip Gloss

Exciting news from Doris Michaels; their new Luminous Lip Gloss with vitamin C and E with a special applicator brush have just been launched recently. Vitamin E and C help to improve lip suppleness and the luminous lip gloss drenches your lips in ultimate sheer while intensely hydrating colour and shine.

Your lips are extremely sensitive and lack of moisturizer may lead to cracked or chapped lips and sometimes attract bacterial infections. Due to absence of hair follicles and sweat glands, makes your lips susceptible to moisture loss, heat, and sunburn without some kind of natural protection as compared to other parts of your skin.

Doris Michaels cosmetics has ensured their compositions of vitamins and mineral oil blended with other natural ingredients in the newly launched Luminous Lip Gloss protect your lips from these airborne pollutions. The vitamin C in the Luminous Lip Gloss works on your lips producing a protein called collagen, the collagen then works with elastin to give your lips strong and healthy tissues, acting as a protective barrier against invading pathogens. The vitamin E works to protect the outer layers of the skin on your lips from ultraviolet rays ultimately protecting your skin from bacterium and virus infections. This non-sticky, unique lip gloss blended with vegetable glycerine gives your lips a lush, sensuous nude colour and that natural tint that is currently trending in the world of fashion today.

The range comes in five different colours with yummy flavour to moisture your lips with a natural looks.